People who have left us recently

Carmen García Portela
Fallecimiento: 23/10/2019
Antonio Aguado Pérez
Fallecimiento: 23/10/2019
Eligio Pereira Taboada
Fallecimiento: 23/10/2019
María Nieves Conde Zurro
Fallecimiento: 23/10/2019
Maria Garcia Serrano
Fallecimiento: 22/10/2019
Maria Navarro Lopez
Fallecimiento: 22/10/2019
Marcelino Garcia Chamorro
Fallecimiento: 22/10/2019
Rosa Garcia Puente
Fallecimiento: 22/10/2019
Mar�a Remedios Romero Vargas
Fallecimiento: 22/10/2019
Angeles Garcia Bustot
Fallecimiento: 22/10/2019


A modern and elegant design that treats the memory of the loved one in an environment according to its delicate context. All the options you need at a click.

Personal and safe environment

We know that your information is very important. That's why we use the highest security standards. You decide the level of privacy.

Customizable and collaborative

Choose the background image, the data of the deceased, decide whether to put a picture ... Also collaborates with family and friends in collecting moments in the life of the deceased.

Easy to use

An environment where you can put a candle, write a condolence or buy flowers in an easy and intuitive way. Transmit your feeling no matter where you are.


Because saying goodbye is not the same as honoring

You do not always need the same thing in the life. Depending on the moment, your priorities change and your needs too.

Similarly in the farewell to your loved one, we distinguish two completely different moments.

Each one with its focus, its requirements and priorities.

Share and spread your loss

Do not you get the words? Does it cost you a lot of effort emotionally? With and from your mobile, you can share the sad event via SMS, WhatsApp or social networks. So you do not have to say anything.

Information of funeral events

When and where are the funeral acts, access to the map to see how to arrive and / or get to the funeral home, everything perfectly reflected and almost automatically.

Virtual candles and condolences

It is not necessary to attend the wake or go to the funeral to express your grief and affection. Light a virtual candle for her/him soul or write a condolence from your smartphone is at your fingertips.

Memories album

How would you like to remind him/her? At we provide you with a unique space where you can store your most special photos and memories privately and where you decide who you want to share with.

Design and print your album

Materialize your memories makes them unforgettable. We offer you a tool to easily create an album where photos, messages and feelings go beyond the time barrier.

Homage and tribute services

Spread her/him ashes in the middle of the Mediterranean on a sailboat, create an object printed in 3D from its ashes, send some flowers to his grave on the anniversary of his death, psychological help ... everything you can imagine and much more.

To remember and to feel again
Latitud Longitud Dirección Categoria Teléfono
40.3881113 -3.761237700000038 Parroquia de Jesús y María
C/ Maqueda 129
Iglesia 917177973
40.4674795 -3.7194117000000233 Parroquia La Cena del Señor
C/ Antonio Machado, 24
Iglesia 913733032
40.392259 -3.7300548000000617 Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Africa
C/ Algorta, 14
Iglesia 917653341
40.3897971 -3.7546204999999873 Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Aluche
C/ Camarena, 149
Iglesia 917178780
40.40571892033776 -3.684818744659424 Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Atocha
Avda. Ciudad de Barcelona, 1
Iglesia 914344020
40.48453915470873 -3.685687780380249 Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Begoña
C/ Marcos de Orueta, s/n
Iglesia 913582763
40.4016237208341 -3.707016706466675 Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Europa
Paseo del Doctor Vallejo Nágera, 23
Iglesia 914748843
40.45243019999999 -3.674707699999999 Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
C/ Puerto Rico, 1
Iglesia 914570039
40.39874978369368 -3.745168447494507 Parroquia de la Crucifixión del Señor
C/ Cuart de Poblet, 6
Iglesia 914654789
40.3802554 -3.6203305999999884 Parroquia de San Pedro Ad-Víncula
C/ Sierra Gorda, 5
Iglesia 913311222